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AW17 Press Release

Still largely inspired by workwear of past times, and also influenced by the edge and natural cool of Jamaican culture in terms of attitude and style, Demo Division’s AW17 collection ‘Flying Circus’ is a direct response

to the present global political situation and the turmoil the world seems to have put itself in. It is a tribute to rebellion with a focus on movements such as SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), the student activist organisation established in the 1960s and reformed in 2006 and which

is committed to the struggle against racist terrorism and to promoting

an all round better society.

The collection comprises military / utilitarian type of garments, contrasting with pieces that are inspired by the illustrated and personalised bomber jackets of WWII and painted helmets from the Vietnam war. 

Reflecting this concept, fine wools, drills and kitsch prints feature throughout the collection. Summing up the vibe of our AW17 collection, we borrow the words of SDS: “Dare to struggle, Dare to win! All power 
to the people!”