After several attempts to escape the country, the ‘GuayabeS.O.S’ finally find themselves in London, where London Fashion Week happens to be underway. This baffles them. The concept of dedicating a week to Fashion is outrageous to this revolutionary group but, being fighters for democracy themselves, they are intrigued and want to take part in this ‘Fashion Week’, guerrilla style( – Find out more about the ‘GuayabeS.O.S’ in ‘The Democracy

of Fashion’ zine).

The garments for SS16 are mainly based on a small/medium/large range of sizes as the workwear handed out by a communist government would be. There is a subtle play on proportion and ill-fitting garments throughout the collection, making some garments look a little humorous. Denim and cotton drills in military shades, were selected as the base fabric of the collection, and the sober colour scheme of the indigos and khakis are balanced out by loud and bright colours deriving from Cuban streetwear in our intarsia knit pieces.

To us at ‘Demo Division’ Fashion is a way of thinking, a way of looking at and approaching the future; it is to intelligently interpret a situation that has meaning, be it political, social, cultural, or any other area that may lead to movements of change. Fashion is the investigation of where culture is moving to next – and we strive in the art of capturing the ‘next’.

We aspire to keeping things unique, rich in character, and amusing, so if you do too – join us!
Follow your truth. Belong individually – Demo Division

Press Release for Seek Contemporary Fashion Trade Show, Berlin.

‘Demo Division’ stemmed from a protest against the superficial connotations that surround the word ‘fashion’ and is a form of revolution to prompt a fresh approach on the meaning of ‘fashion’.  We are a utility- inspired label enthused by the rawness of life, under which garments, zines, and ‘other’ products are created – we strongly believe that fashion goes further than the garment, and narrative is core to our brand. Briefly, our storyline revolves round the fictional characters, the ‘GuayabeS.O.S’, a group of revolutionaries from a communist island in the Caribbean, who run a militant movement, the ‘Demo Division’. 

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